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Want to know more about our store? To help you get your answers quickly, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular questions we’ve received along with our answers. If you need more information, get in touch.

How long does it take for the hot tub to heat up?

Up to 24h

How long does it take to fill my hot tub up?

1-2h depending on your water pressure at your property

The massage bubbles button

15 minutes on and 15 minutes off otherwise you might burn out the machine and glow hot tub hire has no responsibility for this see T&C page.

Are Your hot tubs suitable for winter?

Yes. Winter is a fantastic time of year for hot tubs, especially when it’s cold outside. All of our hot tubs are the latest model and come equipped with anti-freeze technology, meaning you can enjoy your hire any time of year.

How much space is required

3M X 3M

What surfaces can my hot tub be placed on?

Hot tubs work best on a patio area. We can also place our hot tubs on any flat surface: Grass, artificial grass or decking. However, when filled, the hot tub weighs up to 1,350kg and may cause damage to the area it sits on. This is at the hirers own risk. Glow Hot Tub Hire does not take any responsibility for damage caused through the weight of the hot tub.

We have pets is it safe?

We love animals at Glow Hot Tub hire, but animals and hot tubs do not mix. Hot tubs are extremely dangerous for domestic pets. The high temperature and chlorine could cause significant health implications. pets could potentially pierce or damage the lining through scratching or biting. The hirer assumes responsibility for any damage during their hire, including by animals. Our gazebo can be fully enclosed, to help keep the animals out.

Do we need to be in when the hot tub is being delivered?

Yes, the person who signs the terms and conditions when booking must be present when the hot tub is delivered or the hire cannot take place. After the setup is complete, our technician will ask you to sign our damage waiver form and take over responsibility of the safety and management of the equipment for the duration of your hire.

is there a damage deposit?

We do not charge or collect a damage deposit. However, the hirer assumes full responsibility for the equipment for the duration of the hire. This means paying the full cost of repairs or replacement of any damaged equipment.

Where do you deliver to?

We are based in Newbury and we run a 20 mile radius. 

If further please contact.

How do we drain the water

Turn the power off and disconnect from the machine and unscrew the grey tube until the lid comes out/off, then let the water drain slowly. This will not flood your garden as the water comes out slowly. The hirer needs to drain the water before collection otherwise a payable fee of £25 will be charged immediately. 

How do I maintain the hot tub during the hire?

Keep the hot tub running at all times. When the hot tub is not in use, put the chemical descender in and the lid on the tub. Every hire has new chemicals and a brand new filter for your hire. This will keep the water safe. Our technicians will show you how to look after the hot tub during its time in your care.

How long does it take to set up?

We aim to setup within 1 to 2 hours time, however, certain circumstances (tricky locations or tight spaces) could take up to 3 hours in the worst case scenario. 

How hot does the hot tub get?

The maximum temperature is 40 degrees C

Can I get in the hot tub with fake tan?

No, this could dye the lining of the hot tub which you will be charged a fee in our terms and conditions.

How many people fit into the tub?


What is your cancelation policy?

You can cancel up to a week before otherwise you will be charged the full amount.

What time will you deliver?

We will give you a text or call for your ETA  two days before

How long does the hot tub stay hot for?

On average your hot tub will stay comfortably warm for around 3-4 hours when being used and heated up to 40 degrees, however this will be less in winter. This is with moderate bubble usage, if the bubble system is constantly ran( no longer than 15 minutes at a time) your water heat loss rate will increase. The heater will run continuously but the water will lose its heat faster than it heats up

Do I have to supply my own extension lead?

Yes, ideally one with a circuit breaker

Who is responsible for any damage?

After you are comfortable that you know how to use the equipment and our technician leaves your property, the hirer assumes full responsibility of the equipment – including any damage, whether accidental or otherwise.

Can I drink or smoke in the hot tub?

We advise as a precaution not to take any glass into the hot tub as glass shattering can rupture the hot tub and cause injury to the users. We also advise not to smoke for the same reasons.

How do you clean the tubs?

We use an anti-bacterial spray that is specifically for hot tubs and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Our hot tubs are cleaned thoroughly before every use and are regularly serviced.

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